vEGU 2021 in Vienna

Overview of the project related conference contributions during the EGU General Assembly 2021:

EGU21-14598 | vPICO presentations | CR6.1
Seasonal and annual dynamics of frozen ground at a mountain permafrost site in the Italian Alps detected by spectral induced polarization

Theresa Maierhofer, Jonas K. Limbrock, Timea Katona, Elisabetta Drigo, Christin Hilbich, Umberto Morra Di Cella, Andreas Kemna, Christian Hauck, and Adrian Flores-Orozco
Wed, 28 Apr, 11:16–11:18

EGU21-14273 | vPICO presentations | EMRP1.15
Textural and mineralogical controls on temperature dependent SIP behavior during freezing and thawing

Jonas K. Limbrock, Maximilian Weigand, and Andreas Kemna
Wed, 28 Apr, 11:39–11:41

Additional conference contributions, related to geophysical research in alpine permafrost in collaboration with SPICE-project team members:

EGU21-13815 | vPICO presentations | CR2.4/GI4.7/HS1.1.6/SM2.6 | Highlight
Decennial multi-approach monitoring of thermo-hydro-mechanical processes, Kammstollen outdoor laboratory, Zugspitze (Germany)

Riccardo Scandroglio, Till Rehm, Jonas K. Limbrock, Andreas Kemna, Markus Heinze, Roland Pail, and Michael Krautblatter
Mon, 26 Apr, 16:14–16:16

EGU21-15414 | vPICO presentations | CR6.1
Electrical resistivity contrast between active layer and frozen ground: why is it similar for different sites over many order of magnitudes ?

Christian Hauck
Wed, 28 Apr, 11:20–11:22

EGU21-12553 | vPICO presentations | CR6.1
Towards accurate quantification of ground ice content in permafrost of the Central Andes: geophysics-based estimates from three different regions

Christin Hilbich, Tamara Mathys, Christian Hauck, and Lukas Arenson
Wed, 28 Apr, 11:30–11:32

EGU21-12883 | vPICO presentations | SM5.2/EMRP2.1
Development of Low Cost Autonomous Electrical Resistivity Monitoring Systems for continuous active-layer monitoring in harsh environment  

Fernando Acácio Monteiro dos Santos, Mohammad Farzamian, Miguel Esteves, Gonçalo Vieira, and Christian Hauck
Thu, 29 Apr, 10:10–10:12

EGU21-4509 | vPICO presentations | SM5.2/EMRP2.1
Ice or rock matrix? Improved quantitative imaging of Alpine permafrost evolution through time-lapse petrophysical joint inversion

Johanna Klahold, Christian Hauck, and Florian Wagner
Thu, 29 Apr, 10:12–10:14